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International Christian Centre for Research on Information about and Analysis of the Strip Cartoon

Centre religieux d'information et d'analyse de la bande dessinée (CRIABD)


English christian comic books


Admin Office  Roland Francart, Boulevard St-Michel 24, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium. T. (32 2) 478.26.97.28
E-mail: roland.francart@jesuites.be.

Founded  20 June 1985, Brussels (Belgium). Became a non-profit making association 23 Aug 1986. Also referred to as Religious Centre for Information and Analysis of Comics -- Centre religieux d'information et d'analyse de la bande dessinée -- Christelijke Raad voor Informatie en Analyse van Beeldverhalen .

Aims  Promote Christian strip cartoons and their distribution; appreciate the value of the strip cartoons from a Christian point of view; promote education and training in reading strip cartoons.

Structure  General Assembly (annual). Board, consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 members. International correspondents.

Languages  French, English, Dutch! .

Staff  1 full-time, voluntary; 3-part-time, voluntary.

Finance  Sources: Commission chrétienne des médias et de la culture; subsidies and gifts. Budget: euro 20,000.

NGO Relations  Links with:
 -- World Catholic Association for Communication (SIGNIS) 

Activities  Information and documentation on strip cartoons. Maintains a library of more than 2,000 Christian strip cartoon albums in 40 languages. Organizes exhibitions. Offers training. Collaborates annually to: Best Christian Comics Prize (in French and in Dutch); Best Comics of Human Values Prize. Organizes an annual general assembly (always in Brussels).

Events  Biennial Congress  Soignies (Belgium) 1989, 1991.
Annual General Assembly  14 up to 1999; Brussels (Belgium) 2000, Brussels (Belgium) 2001, Brussels (Belgium) 2002, Craiova (Romania) 2003, Brussels (Belgium) 2004, 2005, 2006, Hornu (Belgium) 2007, Brussels (Belgium) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Publications  Gabriel, échos de la bande dessinée chrétienne  (4 a year); ! Gabriël - Informatieblad over het Christelijk Beeldverhaal  (annual). La BD chrétienne  (1994); Panorama '97 de la bande dessinée chrétienne  (1997).

Members  Teams (*) and international correspondents in 15 countries:

--Africa  Congo DR.

--America  Canada, USA.

--Asia  India, Lebanon

--Australasia/Oceania  Australia.

--Europe  Belgium (*), France (*), Germany (*), Holy See, Hungary, Italy (*), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania (*), Switzerland (*)


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